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Innovation,responsibility and pragmatic are the spirits that all employees must follow, they are important to protect the spirit of the company's business continued to carry out effective, innovative when faced with the opportunity, and responsibility in the face of risks, practical face resource.

Innovation: It is the eternal theme of human progress, it is the fundamental driving force for development, but also the source of value creation. Innovation is not to subvert the most revolutionary, but gradual improvement. The company advocates innovation in a stable, precipitated in innovation. Innovation is everywhere at all times, nothing is not, to make the company become the norm innovation: everyone innovation, constant innovation, innovation in everything. Only constant innovation, both companies and individuals, in order to have more development opportunities.

Responsibility: It is the attitude that dares to take responsibility, the foundation of life and the guarantee of value creation. There are risks in innovation. Responsibility is the prevention of risks beforehand, the courage to take responsibility and go all out to solve it after the problem arises. Every employee shoulde stablish a sense of ownership of "enterprise development, my responsibility", do not shirk, do not give up.

Pragmatic: a pragmatic,realistic spirit," hard work and technology enterprises, talk mess things up" style of doing things, but also precipitated value creation. Innovation requires consumption of resources, pragmatism is the rational use of resources, and establish the concept of thrift; pragmatism is the full integration of resources, establish the results of the concept.

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